Savings Plans

Statement Savings
• Interest paid quarterly based on daily balance
• Quarterly statements
• No monthly maintenance fee
• No minimum balance required
• $2.00 fee for each withdrawal over 6 per month
• Debit Card with related checking account
• Dormant fee on balances less than $250 after one year. The fee may be waived if the customer is under the age of 18

Money Market Savings
• Interest paid monthly based on daily balance
• Higher balances earn higher rates
• Monthly statements
• Check safekeeping
• Minimum daily balance of $2500 required to earn interest
• No monthly maintenance fee
• $2.00 fee for each withdrawal over 6 per month
• Debit Card available with related checking account
• Maximum of 6 checks per month

Certificates of Deposit
Security Savings Bank offers FDIC insured high yielding certificates with a variety of maturities. If you would like more rate information, please contact a staff member at any branch. There are substantial penalties for early withdrawal.

Individual Retirement Accounts
Security Savings Bank has a full service Trust department with legal counsel on staff. Please contact the Trust department for additional information