Other Services

Safe Deposit Boxes
• Protect your documents and valuables
• Variety of sizes to meet your needs
• Yearly fee of $12 - $40 depending on size of box and bank location

ATM Card
• 24 hour banking convenience
• Withdrawals, Deposits, Transfers, & balance inquiries (Some of these services may not be available at all terminals) 

Debit Card
• Pay for purchases without checks
• Also acts as an ATM card
• Accepted everywhere Master Card debit card is accepted
• Money comes directly out of your checking account
• NO CHARGE for withdrawals made at SSB ATM locations and MoneyPass ATMs
• Withdrawals, Deposits, Transfers, & Balance inquiries (Some of these services may not be available at all terminals)

Voice Access
• 24-hour banking convenience. Call toll free 1-800-772-9204 or locally call 477-2651.
• Checking and Savings account information.
• Transfer funds from one account to another.
• CD Information
• Loan and loan payment information.
• your statement history sent to your fax machine.
• Talk to customer service during normal bank hours.
• Available at no charge.

Money Orders and Cashiers Checks
Wire Transfers
Notary Service
ACH Originations
Fax & Photocopies
FDIC Insurance

*Iowa Sales Tax may be charged on fees assessed on checking and savings accounts.